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How We Can Help Your Business . . . ( a letter from George)

Dear Business Owner,

Your Most Valuable Business Asset…

…may be the managerial services you receive. Whether your business needs are simple or complex, my firm has the full working knowledge of accounting and extensive experience in financial and operational management to serve all your needs from strategic business planning to profit and performance enhancement to operational efficiency to leadership development and training.

You Are A Part of the Boom…

…that is completely reshaping the way Americans think about small businesses and their personal assets. The increased sophistication and expanding need for information, capital, and systems to manage them are simply staggering.

The boom is the small business sector has also created a sizeable gap in the range of accounting services available to them. And in addition to the gap, you have had to sacrifice the personal one-on-one attention you had once expected to be a valuable part of your professional services.

That is why I am concentrating on helping smaller businesses like yours to grow and to become more effective so that you can have the personal one-on-one service and still receive the financial and operational services you need.

Because You Are The Decision Maker…

… you need functional tools, techniques, and strategies at your disposal.

Whether business today is good or bad, the plain truth is it can always be better. But in order to increase it, you need to make one key decision now.

You need to choose an accountant and financial advisor to help assess current - and plan for future – profitability; an accountant who can offer you continuity as you grow.

Choose the Accountant Who Can Help You Grow…

…and whose focus is helping small businesses with a wide range of financial and operational services that answer important business questions.

Questions such as:

  • How do I run a business to become more profitable, increase cash flows, achieve my goals, and still minimize debt or get out of debt altogether?
  • How can I most effectively run my business for optimal results?
  • How can I project future revenues and expenses and measure the performance of our key business indicators?
  • How can I increase customer loyalty and keep them coming back?
  • What other questions should I be aware of that directly impact the achievement of our goals and outcomes?


Because every decision you make today has a material impact on your long-term goals, you need to make that key decision today. There are very few sources for long-range financial information – the information absolutely necessary for you to make wise decisions.

As Part of Our Personal One-on-One Service We Promise:

  • Your phone calls will be returned promptly, usually the same day.
  • Confidentiality of any knowledge and information we receive.
  • To perform our services in an honest, sincere and complete manner, providing you with the right solution that gives immediate, positive results for the fee paid.
  • To make every effort to complete the work agreed upon by the promised date, or to communicate immediately any problems and discrepancies that are interfering with such date.

You Can Never Be Too Big…Or Too Small…

…for the senior level experience you will receive from us. We provide accurate and quick results without impacting fixed costs. We focus on providing services customized to your specific needs.

We want to be with you from the very beginning, to be part of your future as your needs dictate.

My Services Reflect My Commitment…

…to create a future course of action including a detailed set of strategies, techniques, and tools.

  • Business Assessment
  • Profit and Performance Enhancement
  • Business Process Improvement and Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Contract CFO Services
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment
  • Team Building, Leadership Development and Training

I Will Always Take Time to Discuss the New Tax Laws and How You and Your Business Will Be Affected By Them

Since you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, call us today at (503) 762-8590 and see what it’s like to get the highest level of technical expertise with personalized service.



George Thana, CPA


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